Vertical Electrophoresis

Do you think to purchase protein electrophoresis equipment? A suitable vertical eletrophoresis system? Please visit this webpage for details.

Protein Purification System

Are you just thinking to start protein purification? Please visit belowed link for details. It will help you to select the products according to your requirement.


Western Blotting Imaging System

Amersham Western Blotting Imaging system.

Flexible imagers with automated features for sensitive, accurate chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection.

Please visit the link for details.

Blotting and detection

Blotting and detection

Amersham covers a great range of products of Membranes, reagents, and equipment for Western blotting and chemiluminescent or fluorescent protein detection. Please visit the links for details.

Reagents for SDS-PAGE

We have excellent range of world best SDS-PAGE reagents. Please visit the link for details.