Laboratory Consumables
Micropipette Tips

Rack, Bulk pack with Sterile and Molecular Biology Grade.

Filter and Non Fiter Tips are available.

Cell Culture Consumables

Different types of Cell Culture Consumables are available from SPL Life Science.

- Cell Culture Flask/Plates

- 15ml/ 50ml Falcon Tube

- Petridish & Rodac Plate


- and many more.

Tubes and Boxes

Available in different types.

- 1.5ml/ 2.0ml Centrifuge Tube

-15ml/ 50ml Centrifuge Tube

- 0.2ml/ 0.1ml PCR Tube, Strip, Plate

- Cryo Vial (2.0ml/ 5ml)

- Rack and boxes


- Single Channel and Multi Channel Micropipettes are available in Different sizes.

- Fixed pipette

- Pipette filler (Digital)

Serological Pipette

Different size of serological pipette is available. Those are sterile and Gamma-irradiated.