DNA Isolation Kit

Biotech Concern handle various types of extraction kits from different sources. Choose your desired extraction or purification kits within your budget. Please visit the link below

DNA Isolation based Reagents

Do you want to extract your DNA/RNA manually? We supplied all the reagents according to your requirements. Please visit the link below:

DNA Ladder & Dye

Biotech Concern supplies ready-to-use DNA ladder which is recommended for sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose gels. The ladder is a mixture of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments.

It is supplied with 6X loading dye and suitable for more than 100 application.

Agarose & others

Standard agarose is a very low electroendosmosis agarose (EEO) which is recommended for sharp resolution of nucleic acid fragments greater than 400 bp and up to 8000 bp. This Standard Agarose may be used at concentrations between 0.8 % and 2 %. Southern and Northern transfers can be performed efficiently from them. 

Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Quickly and easily purify high quality, high molecular weight gDNA from multiple sample types, all with one kit!

  • For use with a broad range of sample types, such as cells, blood, and tissues (including fatty and fibrous tissues)
  • Also works with tough to lyse samples (e.g., bacteria, yeast)
  • Suitable for clinically-relevant samples (e.g., saliva, cheek)
  • Obtain excellent yields of highly-pure DNA
  • Extremely low residual RNA contamination (typically <1%)
  • Isolates high molecular weight gDNA (peak size typically ≥ 50 kb)
  • Use DNA directly in downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR and NGS
  • Fast, user-friendly protocols with short lysis times and minimal hands-on time
  • Can also be used to clean up previously extracted gDNA
  • Includes RNase A
  • Kit components available separately